The automotive optimizer BE-Fuelsaver (Pinox) is a little steel stick that has a bioenergetic frequency, which physically alters the molecular structure of the fuel, providing ideal conditions for a better burning process of gas and diesel and so your engine produce less exhaust gases and gets more power.

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Meet our product line and see the configuration that best suits you:

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For gas and diesel engines:



BE-Fuelsaver-S (PINOX-S)
For motorcycles, chainsaws, trimmers, lawn mowers, jet ski


BE-Fuelsaver-M (PINOX-M)
For gas engines 1.0 - 1.6


BE-Fuelsaver-L (PINOX-L)
For gas engines 1.6 - 2.5


BE-Fuelsaver-XL (PINOX-XL_)
For gas and diesel engines 2.0 - 3.5
also for Van, SUV, pickup trucks and sport bike Tuning




BE-Fuelsaver-XXL (PINOX-XXL)
For gas and diesel engines above 2.0 (2,000 cm3)
Trucks, buses, winches, heavy machinery, small boats, car Tuning



BE-Fuelsaver-C (PINOX-C) (steel cable)
For stationary engines with external tank >1000 liters, connected directly to the engine,
small and large boats with large tank, diesel locomotives




Have any questions what is the appropriate device for your engine?
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The BE-Fuelsaver (PINOX) - automotive optimizer is a device carrying a bioenergetic frequency, developed with the aim of changing the molecular structure of the fuel, providing ideal conditions for a better burning process of gas and diesel.

The main consequences are:

    Fuel economy
    Reduction of exhaust gases
    Reduction of soot
    Increased engine power

This product is non-magnetic and non-radioactive.

Their use does not imply any change in the hydraulic, electric, electronic or mechanic of your vehicle.

It is a product easy to install.
It has unique technology.



Use the BE-Fuelsaver (PINOX) and save fuel - save money - protect the environment and have a more powerful engine!