Press Release   -   BE-Fuelsaver (Pinox)


Device reduces emissions, increases torque and engine power and saves fuel

The New Generation Bio America Latina S.A. markets the Austrian product BE-Fuelsaver (Pinox) throughout the country.

A new device that generates savings in fuel consumption and reduces the emission of polluting gases of cars is already on sale in all Amcerica. Known as Automotive Optimizer BE-Fuelsaver (Pinox), it can be installed in gasoline and diesel vehicles and is being marketed exclusively by New Generation Bio America Latina S.A. The technology has support on the experiences and results achieved in several countries worldwide. The product is a patent of New Generation Bio Austria.

The PINOX (BE-FUELSAVER) has a bioenergetic frequency, which is installed on the fuel-line without any electrical, hydraulic or mechanical connection with the vehicle. The device, mounted on the fuel-line, sends a bioenergetic frequency, which modifies the molecular structure of the fuel. This leads to a better burning process in the engine, because it allows a better combination with oxygen, and increases the efficiency of the entire combustion process. The BE-FUELSAVER (PINOX) can be used in vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel from motorbikes to cars, trucks, buses, trains and boats.

The BE-Fuelsaver (PINOX) has a 30-year guarantee (warranty of the factory) and can be removed from one vehicle and placed in another.

The models and prices are according to the engine size (cm3). The BE-FUELSAVER-S (PINOX-S) is used in motorcycles. The BE-FUELSAVER-M (PINOX-M) can be used in cars with engine 1.0 - 1.6 (1000 - 1600 cm3). The BE-FUELSAVER-L (PINOX-L) can be used in cars with engine 1.6 - 2.5 (1600 - 2500 cm3). The BE-FUELSAVER-XL (PINOX-XL) can be used in vehicles with engine size 2.0 - 3.5 (2000 - 3500 cm3), in Van, SUV and tuning of sports bikes. The BE-FUELSAVER-XXL (PINOX-XXL) can be used in trucks, buses, Tuning of cars, towing winches, heavy machinery and small boats.

The New Generation Bio America Latina S.A. works with all segments of the market, also with end consumers, who are interested in technological innovations. The BE-FUELSAVER (PINOX) not only brings the economy, it also has a very large ecological appeal.

The BE-FUELSAVER (PINOX) has been certified by TÜV SÜD.
TÜV = "Technischer Überwachungs Verein" = "Association of Technical Monitoring"
The tests were performed by TÜV SÜD Middle East in Dubai.
In Europe the TÜV is the most important and the most respected authority on technical matters.
The TÜV SÜD is headquartered in Germany and has branches in Abu Dhabi, India, Brazil and the USA.
The Austrian factory chose the TÜV Süd because of its high reputation worldwide, and chose the TÜV Süd in Dubai due to the stable climate conditions in this place. The cars tested were a Mitsubishi bus with 102 hp (diesel) and a BMW 316ti with 115 hp (gasoline). The Mitsubishi bus saved 12.16% diesel, using the BE-FUELSAVER-XL (PINOX-XL) and the BMW 316ti saved 15.32% gasoline, using the BE-FUELSAVER-M (PINOX-M). With these tests, the TÜV Süd certified the efficiency of BE-FUELSAVER (PINOX).
Certificates can be found on our web page:

The BE-FUELSAVER (PINOX) was also certified with the "SELO VERDE" (GREEN SEAL) by CNDA - National Council of Environmental Defense, Civil Society Organization of Public Interest, Brazil.

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Use the BE-Fuelsaver (PINOX) and save fuel - save money - protect the environment and have a more powerful engine!