Installation of the BE-FUELSAVER (PINOX)


It is necessary for its operation, that the device is installed corretly.

Mount the BE-FUELSAVER (PINOX) directly on the outside of the fuel-line that feeds the engine of the vehicle. Note that it is very important that this line is made of metal or thin plastic, otherwise the BE-FUELSAVER (PINOX) may not work. The BE-FUELSAVER (PINOX) does not work if the hose is thick rubber! Before tying the BE-FUELSAVER (PINOX), it is necessary to make sure it is being done on the correct line, it only works on the motor supply line and not on the return line. The BE-FUELSAVER (PINOX) must be fixed before the distribution to the cylinders. Before or after the fuel filter, before or after the injection pump, but BEFORE the distribution device, where the one-fuel-line is separated to more (4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12), so that it can supply all the cylinders. Make sure that the BE-FUELSAVER (PINOX) is tied tightly, squeezing the clamps (always use cable plastic ties for electrical cables), using pliers to fix, so that the BE-FUELSAVER (PINOX) is in fully contact with the line and also that it did not unhook from the line. Use 3 - 5 clamps.


Mounting on the fuel line:

  DO NOT tie on thick rubber hoses!
But on thin metal or plastic lines.




Example: BE-FUELSAVER XL (PINOX-XL) installed in a VW Gol 1.6
tied with cable ties on the fuel line that feeds the injectors with gasoline.
In this car the BE-FUELSAVER XL (PINOX-XL) was installed to make the best possible tuning,
and in addition to gain more torque and power,
also the BE-FUELSAVER XL (PINOX-XL) saved 14.16% of gasoline.
If installed in this way, it MUST BE EXACTLY THIS fuel line, which feeds the engine with fuel!
If not installed on the supply line, but on the return line, it will not work!

BE-Fuelsaver, BE Fuelsaver, economizar, combustivel, diesel, gasolina, motor, poupar dinheiro, economizar dinheiro, economizador

BE-Fuelsaver, BE Fuelsaver, economizar, combustivel, diesel, gasolina, motor, poupar dinheiro, economizar dinheiro, economizador

Here we put the BE-FUELSAVER XL (PINOX-XL) on the fuel line, before the distribution to the 4 cylinders.
Tighten the cable ties, using pliers to tighten, so that the BE-FUELSAVER XL (PINOX-XL) has a good contact with the line!


1. Locate the fuel-line that feeds the injectors (gasoline or diesel).
In the case of diesel: it must be tied up on the line that feeds the injection pump. It could be before or after the diesel filter, before or after the injection pump, but it MUST be before the distribution, leading the diesel to each cylinder. In the case of gasoline: it must be BEFORE the flute (distribution). DO NOT tie the BE-FUELSAVER XL (PINOX-XL) on the flute, because there it will not work!

2. Mount the BE-FUELSAVER XL (PINOX-XL) on the main fuel line, NOT on a curved portion, on a position where the line is parallel to the BE-FUELSAVER XL (PINOX-XL) and it MUST NOT be thick rubber, but metal or thin plastic!

If you put the BE-FUELSAVER XL (PINOX-XL) on the wrong line or hose, for example on the return-line or on a thick rubber hose, or the line between the distributor and the injectors, the BE-FUELSAVER XL (PINOX-XL) will not work!

If you can not find the right line and a good place to mount the product, please ask a mechanic for help!

For any question please refer to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Use the BE-Fuelsaver (PINOX) and save fuel - save money - protect the environment and have a more powerful engine!



Instruction manual
This product is a metal pin, which is to attach outside on the fuel line.

Safety Notice
Any damage, caused by failure to comply with these instructions, will invalidate the warranty/guarantee. For further damages we do not accept liability! If any damage or injury caused by improper use or disregard of the security, we assume no liability! In such cases the warranty / guarantee is voided.

Dear Customer, these safety instructions are not only for the protection of the product but also for your own safety and that of other people. Therefore please read these instructions very carefully!

Engine & Fuel
When mounting the product, do not touch the hot engine and/or the exhaust! Because you can burn yourself or suffer injury! If contact with fuel, avoid contact with eyes, mucous, membranes and skin. If you feel unwell, consult immediately medical help! Health hazard! Never spill Fuels! Explosion and fire hazard! Test runs may only be carried out in the open. Do not inhale fuel vapors and fumes! Fuel is highly flammable. When installing do not smoke. No open flames! Explosion and fire hazard! The fuel can damage paint and rubber parts.

Each product has a serial number, readable with the computer.