CO2 reduction

Global warming is a reality and, if nothing is done, it will bring catastrophic consequences for biodiversity and humans. It is therefore necessary to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases as soon as possible. It is better to reduce coal and oil and invest in clean technologies that do not harm the planet.

The NASA (National Administration of Space and Aeronautics, USA) announced in early 2010 that the decade that ended in December 2009 was the warmest on record since 1880, the year that modern measuring temperatures around the planet began.

CO2, also called carbon dioxide, is part of the Earth's atmosphere and forms a layer around the Earth, which helps maintain the temperature of the planet suitable for sustaining life - including human. This process is called the greenhouse effect. The problem therefore is not the natural mechanism itself, but the interference of man. The extra volume of CO2 and other gases, such as methane, which were to the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution, thickened the cover, so that the temperature began to rise dangerously.

A warmer planet unbalances the ultrasensitive climate system of the Earth. As a result, the ice of the poles melts, and global average sea levels, threatening coastal populations; storms become more frequent, intense and dangerous, as well as cold waves or extreme heat; biomes such as the Amazon are threatened by changes in rainfall system.

Global warming: the challenge of generation

Cities also have an important role in this game. They need intelligent and efficient transport systems, public transport quality with maximum control of emissions and gases. Today, the transport sector represents a quarter of total global energy consumption. So it is also important that the cars still running on the streets emit the least possible CO2 and contributes to the microclimate of cities.

All the pressure of the increasing consumption of fossil fuels has come to the air conditioning of the planet, the Arctic. With climate change, the warming in the region takes place twice faster than the rest of the world. Over the past 30 years, 75% of the Arctic ice disappeared.

Governments need to move all your efforts to keep forests standing and preserve the oceans, two major generators of CO2 that are under severe threat.

The world needs, above all, people want to make the change, the average citizen to executives who run businesses and politicians and rulers who run nations.

The time for action is now. The next billion inhabitants of Earth will thank you.

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