Further reduction of polluting gases with the BE-Emission-Saver (PINOX-ES)

The BE-Emission-Saver (PINOX-ES) is a stainless steel clamp, which is easily installed on the exhaust pipe of the vehicle before the silencer, and is suitable for all diesel engines. It was developed in order to further reduce gas emissions, you protect the environment and reduces from 10% to 50% of what is left of the emissions from your vehicle.

It can be used independently, but enhances the functionality of the BE-Fuelsaver-XXL (PINOX-XXL), when used together.

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           BE-Emission-Saver (Pinox-ES)

The BE-Emission-Saver (PINOX-ES) contains a bio-energetic field and reduces the toxic gases and soot from the engine.
Their use helps improve environmental pollution, especially in urban centers.
Reducing emissions starts in the combustion chamber, and therefore the
BE-Emission-Saver (PINOX-ES) has a positive effect on the life of your vehicle.

The BE-Emission-Saver (PINOX-ES), similar to a catalytic process, reduces the carbon content in the exhaust gas.

The BE-Emission-Saver (PINOX-ES) is suitable for all combustion engines and their installation is very simple.


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BE-Emission-Saver (PINOX-ES) (Emission Saver - clamp for exhaust pipe)
For trucks, buses, machinery, diesel engines,
to reduce toxic gases and soot from the engine




Use the BE-Fuelsaver (PINOX) and save fuel - save money - protect the environment and have a more powerful engine!