Save fuel with the BE-FUELSAVER (Pinox) is very easy!

Just put the device on the fuel-line between the tank and the engine and save fuel and money!


Increase Horsepower

Reduce the emission of soot

Reduce toxic gases

Reduce CO2 emissions

Extend the life of your engine

Save fuel



The BE-Fuelesaver (PINOX) is a little steel stick with a bioenergetic frequency, which physically alters the molecular structure of the fuel, providing ideal conditions for burning petrol and diesel nearly completely.

Exclusive technology
The BE-Fuelsaver (PINOX) is the result of applying new and exclusive technology innovation.
The BE-Fuelsaver (PINOX) combines power and economy, resulting in efficiency and gas reduction.


Key benefits of the product:
- Saves 5% to 20% fuel
- Increases power and engine torque by up to 20%
- Reduces the emission of toxic gases CO, HC and NOx up to 99%
- Eliminates up to 85% soot from diesel engines
- Less environmental pollution
- It can delete the detonation phenomenon
- Extends the life of your engine
- Eliminates the dirt residues in the engine and saves on maintenance
- Excellent relationship between cost and benefit
- 30-year warranty feature

The BE-Fuelsaver (PINOX) is self-financing, because the financial return is very short term.

Start saving fuel and go with a more powerful engine and protecting the environment, producing less gases!

Do not wait - start now!





Use the BE-Fuelsaver (PINOX) and save fuel - save money - protect the environment and have a more powerful engine!